Our fundamental approach to commercial debt collection is to obtain recovery in a way that preserves customer goodwill and educates customers on the benefits and value of paying more promptly in the future. We are focused on optimizing recovery rates by continuously analyzing best practices to provide you with the highest rate of return. We make a promise to pursue your commercial debt with integrity, protecting your reputation for ethical business practice. We view and approach each situation distinctly. Though every case is unique, these are the typical steps we generally follow:


After an initial consultation with a new Trust Debt Collection client, one of our full-time, salaried debt collection experts will be assigned to personally manage your files (on average, our debt collectors have a decade or more of commercial collections experience.) Our collectors are heavily trained in legal compliance – making sure all communications with debtors strictly adhere to all local and federal laws.


Upon receipt, your debt(s) are promptly input into our debt management system. We’ll make immediate phone contact with your debtor, and send a communication advising that you’ve retained us. If staying ‘in the loop’ is important to you, we provide that as well.


The foundation of any successful commercial collection strategy starts by understanding the transaction that gave rise to the debt and communicating with the person at the debtor who will authorize payment. We will research the debtor in question, including your documented correspondence before, during and after the transaction. Next, we will investigate the debtor’s company, to identify everyone within the chain of approval for accounts payable. This includes determining the debtor’s solvency and liquidity.


We will customize a strategy to recover your money and gain a firm commitment to pay.